UFC 124

I just came back from watching some fight in a bar. I know this is a common occurence, but in this case the bar was on a screen in the bar, not in the bar itsel.
Now before you get all in my face for being a fan of boxing, know two things. One, this wasn’t boxing, it was MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). That basically means that instead of two guys trying to avoid each other for twelve three minute rounds, it’s two guys trying to pound each other for five.
And two, I only watched it because it took place in Montreal and the defending champ (and eventual winner was from Montreal. I have a friend who had a ticket and went to this match, and he’s been waiting for it for months. He wouldn’t have been happy if I told him I ignored it.
Now I have to think of more stuff to blog about. The Patriots are playing tomorrow, and I a crazy friend is getting married, so for now it seems like one of those will be the topic.

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My Issues with Canada

It’s friggin’ cold and it’s far from where I need to be. And the Quebec government sucks.

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Hello world!

As of now, I’m trying to up the followers of my post to one. If you decide to make fun of the fact that I’m Canadian, check my bio to see why it’s useless. I need some ideas on what to blog about, so comment as much as you want. One rule – no F-word, no S-word, etc. If you’re not sure if you should write it, don’t.

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